YUG – Jr. Ronaldo

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    YUG – Jr. Ronaldo

    Nationality Indian
    Height 149
    position Centre Forward, Attacking Midfield
    weight 38Kg
    born 11th October, 2010
    previous club Kahaani Football Club

    Vatsalyam - ASC Cup 2021 
    Team : UrbanPro FC U-13
    Team Performance : Winners

    Individual Achievements :
    Winners Trophy
    Golden Boot

    Cosmos Castle International School Runners up 2016.
    Rising sun cup 2016.
    Sintex Cup U-7 – 2017-2018 Runner’s up.
    Ahmedabad Football League Runners up U-10 – 2019 Golden Boot trophy.
    Golden Boot trophy from Bhaichung Bhutia Football School U-9–2019
    Trophy Winner Champion of Ahmedabad Golden baby league U-9 – 2019.
    Rising sun cup 2019.
    Finishing Champion of Ahmedabad golden baby league U-9 – 2019.
    Man of the match Baroda Football Academy U-9 – 2020.
    3rd Position in the XI BIENNIAL sports day 2019-2020 in the relay race organised by DPS, Bopal.
    Certificate of Excellence by Baroda Football academy for Runners up 2020.
    5 times Man of the Match U.B Vatsalyam Asc cup 2021-2022.
    Most emerging striker with 2nd highest goal scorer of Vatsalyam ASC U-13 – 2021
    ASC Cup winners 2021-2022
    Shree K.K Vithlani Baroda Football Academy Runners up U-9 – 2019 and 2022.
    Most valuable player U-9–2019 Shree K.K Vithlani Baroda Football Academy.



Yug Jhaveri is a rising star born on the 11th of October 2010. This kid is extremely self-disciplined, competitive, a team player, core striker, and trains daily extensively. He is passionate towards football, practically eats, breathes, preaches football. He idolises Cristiano Ronaldo. His core skills include ball control, team collaborations, steadfast with his legs, striker, and also plays as a defender. Hobbies include playing piano, singing, dancing, cricket, volleyball, and dodge ball. He aspires to become the best ever footballer and represent India on international level.